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Future member of 28 News?...

newslogo.gif (9458 bytes) 6/27/02 - After fourteen hours of labor, WFTS reporter and anchor,newslogo.gif (9458 bytes) Linda Hurtado ("Live Longer with Linda") gave birth to her third child on Wednesday night. Linda has of course been off the air for a while and I was curious why. I never thought she pregnant, because she never showed. I guess I was wrong. I would like to wish Linda congratulations and speedy recovery and return to 28 News.

CBS has their eye on WGFL...

cbs.jpg (4014 bytes) 6/19/02 - Come July 15th, WGFL (Gainesville/Ocala) will drop the WB Network and become a CBS and secondarynewslogo.gif (9458 bytes) UPN  affiliate. The current owner of WGFL, Pegasus Communications, is under a time brokerage agreement and will transfer ownership and management duties to Budd Broadcasting. Look for WGFL to gain a newscast this fall, in competition with WCJB ABC 20. Is it just me or does that July 15th date look VERY familiar??? (* WJXT/WTEV)    

Broadcasting looses a legend...

cbs.jpg (4014 bytes) 6/16/02 - Twenty year The Weather Channelnewslogo.gif (9458 bytes) veteran, John Hope died Thursday, from complications of heart surgery. John has been with The Weather Channel almost the whole life of TWC. When cable TV was available in my area, I remember my Mom use to leave TWC on while she was cleaning or cooking and occasionally I'd watch. Over the years as news became a big part of my did TWC and John Hope. When I think of TWC or hurricanes, the first thing that pops into my head is John Hope. John, you will be missed.  Click here for the full story from

Fall means the end for WB 18 News...

cbs.jpg (4014 bytes)6/5/02 - WB 18 WKCF announced this week thatnewslogo.gif (9458 bytes) they will be canceling their 10pm, daily news cast. The reason given for the cancellation was an "eroding audience."  WKCF has the longest running 10pm news cast in Orlando...but with the addition a news cast at WOFL (1998) and WRDQ (2001) competition has brought ratings down at WB 18. Along with the death of WB 18's news also means the loss of one of Orlando's media legends (and a great guy) Bud Hedinger. Maybe WOFL will move Brad Stevens and put Bud in his place. Look for WOFL to become a major player in Orlando media with the end of the 18's news and from $$$ from FOX (FOX is expected to take over WOFL this summer).    Click here for the full story from the Orlando Sentinal

GDLA goes nationwide...

gdlive.jpg (8241 bytes)Current Update - GDLive is a news, entertainment and talk show all combined into one. It's basically KTTV's "Good Day LA" for the rest of the country. Currently GDLA only plays on FOX O&O Affiliates; the newest being  WOFL Orlando.     Click here to see the "Good Day Live" opening (one of my favorite themes!)

cbs.jpg (4014 bytes)5/29/02 - It looks like Good Day LA, the morning show on KTTV - Los Angeles, is going nationwide. I've started seeing ads in Tampa, on WTVT for "Good Day Live." The show's hosts will be KTTV's Steve Edwards, Dorothy Lucy and mini skirt weather girl, Julian Barberie. I'm VERY interested to see what this is about. In the ad they show scenes of the KTTV set, GDLA graphics and even the GDLA theme music (which can be viewed in the Beyond Central Florida section). WTVT says it'll be on at 1pm here, which seems like a really weird time for a show called "Good Day."       *Note - The show name Good Day was started at WTVT in the early 70's...WTVT former general manager, Dave Boylan helped to redesign KTTV and is now GM there (notice how WTVT and KTTV look the same).      Click here to see the "Good Day Live" ad, on WTVT.

Bye Bye time anyway...

cbs.jpg (4014 bytes)5/28/02 - It was announced today that NBC Nightlyjville.jpg (4625 bytes) News anchor, Tom Brokaw, will leave the show after the 2004 Presidential elections. Long time Nightly News fill-in anchor, and host of "The News, w/Brian Williams" on MSNBC, Brian Williams will take Brokaw's place. Brokaw became the permanant and solo host of the Night News in 1982. I like Brokaw, but I think Brian will fill his shoes will no problem. I wonder if Brian will still host his show on MSNBC???      Click here for the full story from MSNBC

UPDATE! Changes in Jacksonville...

cbs.jpg (4014 bytes)5/12/02 - It is NOW official! Contractsjville.jpg (4625 bytes) have been signed and plans have been made. As of July 10th, WJXT 4 will go independent, WTEV UPN 47 will change to CBS 47 and WAWS FOX 30 will have dual affiliation with FOX and UPN (look for a logo change to reflect the changes). Then, on July 15th CBS 47 News will debut on WTEV. I can't wait to see what the new CBS 47 will look and sound like. I like their new logo!! (top left).      Click here for more on this story from

75 Years of NBC...

cbs.jpg (4014 bytes)5/5/02 - Sunday night's three hour(!) 75th anniversary show1940.jpg (18861 bytes) was self indulging...and VERY good! I enjoyed every second of the 2.5 hour show (minus commercials of course). Seinfeld was great in the opening monologues, as was Kelsey Grammer. Bob Newhart annoyed me. Just seeing some of those old shows again was awesome. I am looking forward for CBS and ABC to do anniversary shows. It's great to remember the past. My only real complaint was that they didn't talk about the NBC chimes and the evolution of the "NBC" logo. But I can't have everything. Kudos NBC!

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